About Us

Blackburn Leisure Community Club operates for the communities of Brough and its’ surrounding villages, providing facilities for a variety of sporting and recreational activities, clubs and social events.

Sports clubs at Blackburn Leisure include Mens, Veterans and Junior Football, Squash, Lawn Bowls, Snooker, and Blackburn Leisure Community Club is also home to Brough Boxing Academy and Brough Tennis Club. Please see the Sports pages of the website for more details or to contact the clubs directly. Thousands of adults and children participate in and support the various sports clubs operating from Blackburn Leisure Community Club.
Blackburn Leisure Community Club is open to, and welcomes, the general public in the Sports Bar and The Venue function room. The Venue function room has been recently refurbished and can accommodate up to 250 people. It is available for bookings for parties and private functions. The Venue regularly hosts live music nights, comedy club nights, sportsman’s dinners, christenings, celebratory events, and children’s parties.
The committee comprises of local volunteers who are passionate, driven, proactive people who are committed to enhancing the general wellbeing of the community through sport & recreation whilst ensuring the facility acts as a hive of activity for all ages.
Your club needs the support of the local community to survive and is fortunate to have many businesses and generous donors who support us.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop and maintain Blackburn Community, Sports and Social Club for the benefit of the community and to secure its future as a thriving community club.

Our Mission

  • To promote and provide sport and leisure opportunities to individuals of all abilities and ages and to enhance the experience of everyone who attends the club
  • To foster the growth and development of a variety of sports and leisure activities in Brough and its’ surrounding areas where all individuals can participate recreationally and competitively within a safe, equitable and child friendly environment
  • To provide opportunities for all in Brough and its’ surrounding areas to meet in a social environment to enhance their wellbeing
  • To provide a multi-functional community-focussed environment that welcomes people of all ages, abilities, faith, gender, sexuality and state of health

Benefitting the Community

Blackburn Community, Sports and Social Club represents a fantastic opportunity for the people of Brough and nearby villages, to meet, greet, enjoy, socialise – bring the community to us.

Blackburn Community, Sports and Social Club can:

  • Provide a central point for community events and local issues
  • Create opportunities for local employment
  • Provide a hospitality venue for all communities
  • Potentially providing additional community services
  • Offer varied sporting facilities to people all ages, gender and abilities
  • Offer a place to chat / drink / socialise / relax with the family in a friendly environment

Club Values Aspire

Value Behaviour
Accessible – The facilities should be accessible to all people irrelevant of their circumstances/abilities
– The facilities should be a safe environment for people of all ages
– Questions about our club are welcomed
Social – The club should be a social hub positively contributing to the welfare and mutual benefit of all people/ individuals in Brough and its’ surrounding areas
Professional – Club representatives will conduct themselves in all their dealings in a way that confers and earns respect, and demonstrates integrity
– We expect all members to make a commitment to the club and to its teams, working towards, and achieving the highest standards.
Integrity – We act in a fair and consistent and transparent manner
– Support everyone to your utmost; we believe in fair play
– We will be transparent about what, how and why we operate the way we do
Respect – Respect everyone who uses the facility whatever the reason, no offensive language or aggressive behaviour to staff, members or visitors.
Enjoyable – Attending and participating should enhance people’s natural enjoyment of the sport and leisure activities they partake in
– Members and visitors should feel that they got the best possible experience and good value for the time and money for the time spent at the facility/club

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