Blackburn Leisure Social Club
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The Club was originally set up in the early 1930s as The Blackburn Welfare Club, by Robert Blackburn who founded the Blackburn & General Aircraft Company in Brough.

The term “welfare” related to the philanthropic notion of taking a small subscription (2d, two old pence) direct from workers’ wages per week, and providing not only sports and leisure facilities, but a welfare payment of up to 10/- (50 new pence) per week if an employee was off work sick and therefore not earning.

The current club house opened in 1958 and is surrounded by generous land space with facilities for football, squash, tennis, rounders, netball, bowling and many other outdoor activities.

Indoor activities include snooker, pool, darts and other “bar” games, but there are also two distinctly different function rooms, with catering facilities on site.

Various club sections were formed, some of which have added specialist facilities, for example astronomical telescopes.

The name changed to The Blackburn Leisure Club in the 1980s, reflecting the changing status and ownership of the club, as “Blackburns” progressed to Hawker Blackburn, Hawker Siddely Aviation and now BAE Systems. Whilst retaining strong links with BAE Systems the Club is now in private ownership, but retains its “Members Club” status.

Whilst open to anyone wishing to hire function rooms, regular use of the Club facilities or sub-sections is via a modest annual membership fee (which brings a members’ discount at the bar).

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